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Local Family Owned Painting Company

We’re a local, family-owned painting company and we treat you like you’re one of our own. In addition to exterior home and commercial painting services, we’re also expert cabinet painters. Our team can make your kitchen look brand new. Give us a call today to schedule your free estimate. You won’t regret it!

The Best Cabinet Painters in Boise

We have a wide variety of cabinet painting services to the whole Treasure Valley area. We’ll repaint your cabinets with a new color, provide you with new kitchen cabinets, install door stoppers, and more. If you have a vision for how you want your kitchen cabinets to look, we can make it happen.

How can you know if you should hire a certain Boise cabinet painting company? We believe strongly in Google reviews. Having a good overall star rating is great and they’ll give you a good idea of how the company will do on their services. But if you can find reviews dealing specifically with Boise cabinet painting, that’s another great indicator.

Another sign a company is good to hire is how they carry out the estimate. First of all, if they charge for the estimate, we don’t recommend working with them. Every cabinet painting contractor in Boise should offer a free estimate. We offer free estimates throughout the Treasure Valley.

Lastly, do they have pictures of their work? We have plenty and can show you a huge variety of cabinets we’ve painted in the Boise area.

Important Steps

Painting your cabinets includes several important steps. At Boise Home Painting, we handle every part of the process including all the prep work and cleanup, sanding, and finishing. We don’t do anything on the cheap and we never cut corners because we want your new paint to last for years. Whatever color you choose, we have it. Once we’re finished, you can simply enjoy your new kitchen. The only problem you might have is wanting to spend all of your time there!

Brown Painted Cabinets

Boise Cabinet Painters and Color Consultants

If you know the exact color you want for your kitchen cabinets, we’ll make that happen for you. But we take things one step further. If you need help choosing a general color for your cabinets, our experts will give you a free color consultation. We can tell you what colors will match the interior colors on your walls around the house. But maybe you know you want white cabinets but you’re unsure of the exact color or hue. We can help you know which color of white paint is best for your cabinets and kitchen. See what our Boise cabinet painters can do for your kitchen cabinets!

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