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Caldwell ID Painters

If you live in Caldwell, Idaho and you need Caldwell house painters, you’ve come to the right place! When it comes to Caldwell ID painters, you want the best in the business, not a bunch of newbies who are painting their first house. Our painting contractors have been painting houses throughout the Treasure Valley, including Caldwell, for decades. We warranty all of our work because we believe in the job we do. Whether you need a Caldwell painter for the exterior, interior, or kitchen cabinets of your house, we’ll paint it to your satisfaction. So, if your house paint is fading and looking run down, we can make it look just the way you want!

Expert Caldwell House Painters

When you pay for something as big as house painting, you expect it to look great. That’s how it should be. We hold ourselves to a high standard and you should too. We’ve painted houses near Indian Creek Park, the Underkoflers Corner neighborhood, and more. Our Caldwell house painters will make your home look brand new.

Painting is in our blood! Our company owner and founder, Chris Jordan, is the son of a painter. In fact, his grandparents are also painters. Our painting roots go back three generations! As a result, we work hard to be the best Caldwell house painters.

As a family-owned business, we treat every paint job like it’s for our mother. That means you won’t have to worry about us cutting corners or overlooking details. We’ll do everything we can to eliminate any kind of drips or streaks so it looks virtually perfect. Plus, we’ll also handle all of the prep and clean-up work to make it a great experience for you. Here are some of the prep and cleanup tasks we take care of so you won’t have to:

  • Moving furniture and other items around the area to be painted
  • Taping edges
  • Covering areas such as carpet, outside meters, countertops, etc. to protect from paint
  • Putting furniture back where it was before we started painting

Our Caldwell House Painting Services

At Boise Home Painting, we do all kinds of house painting services throughout Caldwell. We do the services most painting companies do with some extras. Here are some of the painting services do:

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About Caldwell Idaho

Many people love living in Caldwell, Idaho and for good reason. Caldwell’s population of more than 46,000 enjoy a beautiful ice skating rink in the winter, river rafting, and parades in the summer. It’s also an educational hub with both the College of Western Idaho and the College of Idaho.

If you live in Caldwell, you know how hot the summers get and how frigid the winters can be. Even though the snow doesn’t stick long, that doesn’t mean temperatures don’t get super cold. Did you know that part of the reason Idaho is such a great place to grow potatoes is that the summers are so hot during the day and cool day so much at night. It’s perfect for potatoes!

That’s part of why painting houses in Caldwell is different than painting houses in Las Vegas, Miami, or New York. You need a Caldwell house painting company that’s local and understands the difficulties of painting in Idaho. Not some huge company that doesn’t use back roll.

We live here and paint here, so we know the right paints to use to make sure your home looks the way you want for years to come. We buy all of our paint locally at Sherwin Williams.

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Exterior Painting

While we specialize in all things Meridian house painting, exterior house painting is one of the things we do best. We backroll every exterior paint job we do to make it last longer. Our focus is to provide you and the entire Meridian area with professional, top-of-the-line, exterior home painting services.

Interior Painting

The interior of your home is just as important as the exterior. A lot of people actually believe the way your interior looks is more important because you spend so much more time there. We have years of experience doing interior painting services in Meridian. Our expert painting contractors can make the interior of your house look just the want.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Getting your kitchen cabinets painted is a great way to update your kitchen. We’ll even help you pick out the colors and paint type to make it match the rest of your house. If you want a rustic look with distressed paint, we can definitely do that. Maybe you want a really modern look. If so, we can make that happen too!

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